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Have you ever asked yourself how your client will find you ?

If you are selling a product like “Tea”, are you targeting people who are looking for “Green Tea“, “Black Tea”, ”English Breakfast Tea” or even “Slimming Tea” ? Do you offer your services in “Salt Lake City”, “Utah”, the entire USA or even world wide ?

Think about how many competitors there is in the world that sell tea. If you are only selling green tea in Utah, then it is more efficient and more likely the client will find you, if you optimize your site for the key word “Green Tea Salt Lake City” instead of being general with terms like, ” we sell tea”.

Think about your client who lives in Utah and wants a cup of green tea. He will not go to Google and search for “tea”. Instead he will search for “green tea in Utah”.

We know this is a rather simplistic explanation of SEO, but it really is how it works. It is all about targeting YOUR potential clients and visitors. Not visitors who will never use your product or contact you.

In WinningSEM, we study your product, the geographical area you are covering, what your potential clients are looking for, how we can get them to your site using what we think they will type into Google as the search phrase. They will find your site because we have done our job and optimized your site for this.

In-page Search Engine Optimization

In-page SEO is the process of optimizing your sites pages for search engines. We optimize each page to serve its content in the best possible way to ensure that its headers and paragraphs cover all possible keywords that your client may have used in his search. This includes your GEO scope and all keyword combinations including the singular and plural forms of the keywords and even common grammar or spelling mistakes that your visitor may have used in his search.

Off-Site SEO (Link Building)

Off-Site SEO is the process of promoting your site online by submitting links to your site on directories or social networks that are in some way, related or will be seen by visitors with a potential interest in your business. For instance, submitting your site to a fitness and health group in Facebook if you are selling diet products or exercise equipment.

This is a type of internet marketing  that will help your site directly by getting clients from directories or social networks and aid in an indirect way by improving search engine recognition, SER, for your site by relating your content to the links people use to reach your site.

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