Online Marketing
Online Marketing
From PPC to Social Media

What Can Internet Marketing Do For You?

Our specialized marketing teams work to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.

Increase your traffic with search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

Refresh your brand image with credible online reputation management.

Get qualified leads and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Press, television and cinemas are good advertising spaces for commercials but they are basically mass media strategy and very expensive compared to online advertising targeting selective social layers.

Advantages of online advertising:

  • Good ROAI (Returns On Advertising Investment) compared to press, television and cinemas advertising spaces.
  • Audience share: rapid worldwide overall efficiency.
  • Audience campaign strategy: target selective groups of people who have the same interest or social background; e.g. you are advertising a new car cleaning product you will target motor cars and race cars websites.
  • Trim to fit like a glove, your advertising campaign; e.g. from worldwide, zoom in to just a country, state, city or even just an area, continue selecting a specific language.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of your campaign with personalized reports telling you how many visitors came to your website. Through the ads (advertising leaflet) detailed reports see how many times they have been showing. You will also ask a full statistical report showing how site visitors reacted: is a visitor’s first visit, recurring visitor, time spent in minutes for each visit and which pages of your site viewed.

Online marketing gives you remarkable key features these are:

Internet Marketing Is Fully Traceable

Thanks to advanced tracking and analytics tools and the assistance of a Professional Web Advertising Manager: PPC Specialist, whether you are using Google, Yahoo or any other advertising software; we will analyze, trace and tune for you, your advertising campaign. Unlike Press, Television and Cinemas advertising, we shall provide you with a fully documented monthly report, analyzing visitor’s behavior and reactions; how they came to your site, how many were they, how long they stayed, was it first time visitors or recurring visitors.

Internet Marketing Is Target-able

If one can categorize people in groups of interest, of influence, or split them up in social or economic layers, people‘s human nature will still individually differ from one to an other! If you are a music producer you know that your audience share cannot be 100% because of the human individuality; but advertizing thru Press and Television channels will be pure lost for non music lovers.

With Internet Marketing: YOU CAN! Choose select where you want to advertise, so probably you will choose websites like “MTV” or “” sites dedicated to the community of music lovers. This is target trigged budget spending with an optimized ROAI.

Whatever the product line you will apply the same step by step analysis in order to document the RM (Road Map) settings. For another product line you may target gamers, specific age groups or even target women’s fashion sites if you want to capture the womanliest population.

Internet Marketing Is Cost Effective

We now know that we can show our advertizing leaflets from worldwide, right down to a very small specific area in a town, according to the day of the week and even the time view in the day; for chosen groups of people: by interest, sex, ethnos or any other criteria.

You have with the assistance of a professional PPC specialist defined your advertising campaign RM settings; thus determining the Potential Revenue Per Visitor and calculated the Acquisition Cost, this will give the monthly/dally advertising budget  and set bid limits for the PPC Manager in charge of your advertising campaign. Finish wasting thousands of dollars in wrong market shares with no or little hope of any ROAI and profitable sales. Whatever your budget! You can with PPC advertising reach global market and increase your share of profitable sales nationally and/or internationally.

Reach More Potential Clients With Online Advertising

With a small advertising budget, increase your potential sales share, globally and locally knowing exactly the response given to your advertising leaflet, on daily bases; tune trim the targeted area, the demographic sampling through your dedicated PPC Manager. Make your advertising campaign a goal, win profitable sales share, and lean ROAI.

How Can we help You In Internet Marketing?

Here is what we can do for your business:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising Pay Per Click using Google Adwords or any PPC campaign and advertising on Search Engines.
  • Landing pages for your marketing emails (Contact Us Form) or PPC Marketing Campaigns (Online Order Form)
  • Banner ads designs for your online advertising.
  • Design an attractive easy navigating web site with CMS and SEO
  • Build up a blog that follows your site design and links to your website with added  bookmarking and video tools so your visitors can visit, bookmark and share with others your information.
  • Create Social Media Presence By creating accounts in the most famous social networking sites linked to your site such as:
    Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn,Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc….
  • Provide the full logistic backup for your Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing.


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